Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Of Men and Mountains

I recently stumbled onto this little sketch in my "projects" folder. Usually, this is the place where my ideas and doodles get saved, sit, and eventually die. But sometimes the contents of this directory still inspire me....even many months later. So, I decided to revive it.

I vaguely remember my initial motivation, but I believe it began with asking myself: "What game do I want to make? ...or, what game would I want to play?"

So, I decided to stage this scene is as if it was from the POV of a third-person, in-game camera. I imagine this encounter really only as a precursor to a larger fight. A gate keeper. Sequences of blocks and attacks would eventually drive the beast back far enough for the player to take a divergent path and continue on their quest.

Hopefully this is the beginning of many more revivals. I'm looking at you 2011!