Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Most of my sketchbook work these days is the product of me in coffee shop/book store with my trusty Staedtler brush pen. Airports are good too. People tend to sit relatively still on layovers.


  1. Great stuff J! :) Hope all is well bud!

  2. Hi,
    My name is Don. Nice knowing you. I got to know your blog at Nice work!!

    Where are you working as a concept artist??

  3. Thanks guys!

    Hey Don! I checked out your website and I like your work. Your sketches are especially nice. I was working for Electronic Arts, but I was recently laid off. How 'bout you? Do you just freelance?

  4. JAY man!!!

    have you seen this?


  5. Hey, i love your work!
    Amazing character design and backgrounds!

  6. Awesome blog dude!! Love the Henry Hatsworth stuff, saw the trailer for it a while back and thought it looked very cool, I can't wait to play it!! Might have to wait a while for it to reach New Zealand unfortunately!

  7. Beautiful sketches Jay!! Really nice work my friend! Love the DS work!

  8. Holy damn! Your strokes are gorgeous. That was a weird sentence. Just out of curiosity, do you feel self-conscious about staring at people as you draw or do you have trips to remain inconspicuous?

  9. Really nice...!!!!!! I like more your sketches in black and white...... And the environments....uohhhhhhhhhhhhh ^_^

    Good work !!!!!!!!!

  10. Thanks alot all!

    Volkertron- yeah, just saw that. Sweet!

    Rawls - Thanks man! I was just checking out your blog via the new ImagineFX. Great stuff!

    Paul - lol. good question. It can get a little tricky. You'll note that most of the drawings show the subjects from the side or the back of their heads. I assume those never notice. For the most part though, people are friendly enough. If they're uncomfortable they'll move, but more often than not they're just curious and they'll try to start a conversation.

    Thanks again for the complements!

  11. you have such beautiful brush pen lines.
    thanks for inspiring me to get off my ass and draw at the nearest starbucks. :D

  12. Say, Jay...are you still in Orlando?

    I'd written you awhile back about joining a local sketch group.

    Let me know if you're interested.